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Pubg Custom Room Tournament-2020

Pubg Custom Room Tournament

Pubg Custom Room Tournament

This Tournament is organized by DT City Store with Co-operatin of NINJA YouTube channel. The detail of this match is given below in roman Nepali. If you fell any kind of confusion feel free to contact us. You can contact us through our email address: and mobile number: 9868838485

Entry Fee for Pubg Custom Room Tournament

Entry Fee for Pubg Custom Room Tournament is Rs. 400 per sqad yedi hajur ko squad xaina bhane hamile solo solo ko KD herera Squad ma rakheko hunxa solo register garna Rs 100 lagxa  ra solo v squad khelna bevasta raheako xa register garna Rs. 400 lagxa

Prize for Pubg Custom Room Tournament

1 random match will be play and the squad getting the chicken lai nai winner prize dihine xa Winner Price : Rs 2000 Most highest kill Lai : Rs 500 Game start hunu 1 hours aagadi hajur lai room id ra password dihine xa through mail or sms. Game ma teamup garna ra stream snipe garna pahine xaina yedi testo bhetaiyema manyata dihine xaina ra whole team will be disqualified

Registration and payment for Pubg Custom Room Tournament

For registration : Contact number ra Mail Profile id (email), dinu parne xa
Payment method : eSewa, Khalti , IMEPAY :9868838485 ( DT-city store )

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Tournament at YouTube

Live Streamed : – DT City Store
Recorded Clips : -NINJA